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Motivate people to reach their fitness goals and help small fitness providers to grow their business.


My Fitness Planner connects you with local fitness providers to help you on your personal journey to feeling good!

Local Fitness Providers including:
Fitness Classes
Personal Trainers
Fitness Events

The idea for My Fitness Planner came up on a holiday to Noosa a couple of years ago. I wanted to keep up my fitness while on holiday but found it very challenging to find out about local fitness classes. The idea of a website showcasing all fitness providers in one place was born!

– Founder of My Fitness Planner, Irene Cats


My Fitness Planner will guide you to plan your week ahead and include workouts in your calendar.

Succeeding to plan, is planning to succeed!

Follow these steps:

1. Think about what you would like to chieve and set your fitness goals.

2. Download & Print the My Fitness Planner – Weekly Planner¬†and cross of time for sleep, work, social events and other commitments you can’t or don’t want to cancel.

3. Highlight the time you have left available for possible workouts

4. Go to the My Fitness Planner Calendar to find fitness classes, personal trainers and upcoming fitness events in your local area that fit your schedule.

5. Click on the ‘Book now’ link to book your class directly with the local fitness provider and schedule the class on your weekly planner.

6. Go to the scheduled fitness class or event, have a great time and feel good about yourself!

7. Celebrate once you have reached your fitness goal set in step 1



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